Well this is the awkward page where I guess I need to say something about who I am. I am a San Antonio based artist. I say artist because that is honestly what I know myself best as. Its what I feel most people know me as.

My Story

Graphic Artist, Painter, Web Designer, Multi Media Artist, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Guru, Occasional Blogger, Father of 6, Husband, American, Veteran, Aspiring Writer, Graduated at the top of my class at the University of Hard Knocks, & all around nice guy.

Need more than that???

I graduated from Texas A&M - Commerce with a fine art painting degree. While in college I started my own little web design business and had a pretty good run of it. I married my college sweetheart Lili and (as of this posting) its been 23 years of awesome marriage. We have six amazing children to keep our lives very interesting. 

After graduating from college I was picked up by Lockheed Aerospace where I worked for a decade as a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator and so much more. I went on from there to manage design teams for a number of other companies. 

I still love to draw, paint and make stuff. That is what this site is mostly about. 


We live in a creative house of artists, musicians, engineers and craftspeople. We are story tellers. We are gamers. We can be found on the trail or in the dark corners of a good bookstore. Our tiny army does many things, I hope to post some of them here.